Thursday, July 02, 2020

Worship Schedules

  Worship Schedules for July (assuming services resume)
Liturgists Dave H
Head Usher: Scott O
July 5     Bill & Marsha S, Kyle & Emily S
July 12   Clayton & Tara C, Roberta G, Carol K
July 19   Scott O Family, Jim S, Dave S
July 26   Eric M Family, Tom A, Larry A
Saturday Evening Worship
July 5    Larry R & Kathy R
July 12   Brian B & Rhonda J
July 19   Larry R & Kathy R
July 26   Brian B & Rhonda J
July 5     Mary H
July 12   Carol A
July 19   Brooke G
July 26   Sharon B
Sunday Audio Visual Team:
July 5    Sam H
July 12   Cormac K
July 19   Eli C
July 26   Maggie H
July 5     Jake G & Wyatt P
July 12   Aiden & Andru S
July 19   Leah C & Sam H
July 26   Hailey H & Hannah S
Sunday Morning Snacks:
Sign up sheet for May at the entrance of the church